If you think there's any chance your debit card has been compromised, lock your card immediately. You can do this in the app by going to the "Banking" view > click on "MORE" > then select "Lock card." This will ensure that your current debit card is no longer active or usable.

To get help filing a dispute, please contact us in the app (under "Help" in the "Profile" section) or at support@empower.me with as much detail as you can on what you think happened, including:

  • When/what date did you discover something may have gone wrong?
  • Which Empower account did this happen on?
  • Did you have your debit card in your possession the whole time or has your card been lost/stolen? If so, what date did your card go missing?
  • Do you recognize this merchant and have you ever had any dealings with them in the past?
  • Have you locked your card yet?
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