You may be asking yourself, "2% cashback and 4.30% per year on savings? But I thought it was 1.00% and 2.15%!"

No, you aren't crazy! The default rates for having an Empower account are 1% cashback on the first $1,000 in debit card transactions each month and 2.15% APY on your savings account balance. However, for you successfully refer to Empower, you will receive a 30-day boost that doubles your rewards, upping your cashback to 2% and your savings to 4.30% per year!

How do you refer someone? It's simple! Navigate to the Banking section of your app, and click on the orange "BOOST" icon.

How do you know if your boost is active? It's easy! There will be green text next to the "BOOST" icon, indicating the percentage boost that you're receiving.

Note: Boost rewards will be paid out at the end of the boost period.

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