Here's a brief explanation of the SpendLimit graph: 

  • Your home graph shows how much you've spent so far this month (solid white line) versus your target monthly spend, which we call the "SpendLimit" (dotted red line). 
  • When you first sign up for the app, we propose a monthly target spend based on your income and spending history. But you can edit this monthly target any time by tapping on the orange wrench icon which appears to the right of the red number on the graph.
  • The number in white shows as of today, how much you've spent this month and the number is red is the different between your total spending so far and your target spending. 

Graph looking weird?

  • Our SpendLimit graph does take into account recurring large payments like rent, so for example, if I have $1000 SpendLimit budget for the month, and it's Jan 15th but I have $500 rent that I generally pay on the last day of the month, then our app would only smooth out $500 in spending allowance for Jan 1 - 30. 

How to Edit?

  • You can edit your SpendLimit by tapping on the wrench icon which appears just to the right of the dollar figure in red on your home graph.
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