Here's a brief explanation of the SpendLimit circle: 

  • Your home graph shows how much you've spent so far this month  versus your target monthly spend, which we call the "SpendLimit". 
  • When you first sign up for the app, we propose a monthly target spend based on your income and spending history. But you can edit this monthly target any time by tapping on "Edit".

Graph looking weird?

  • Our SpendLimit graph does take into account recurring large payments like rent, so for example, if I have $1000 SpendLimit budget for the month, and it's Jan 15th but I have $500 rent that I generally pay on the last day of the month, then our app would only smooth out $500 in spending allowance for Jan 1 - 30. 

How to Edit?

  • You can edit your SpendLimit by tapping on the "Edit" after tapping into the SpendLimit. 
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