We built Empower and kept the service free, so that anyone could get ahead financially using one single app or hub on their phone.

We recommend most users get started with the basic Empower app to track their spending, and get personalized recommendations for their finances. In order to make our app and service free, we of course need to make money in other ways. We follow a number of guiding principles to maintain a high level of integrity towards our users, and ensure we are never compromised by how we make money.

Our guiding principles are:

  • First, to be transparent to our users when we show an offer for a product or service for which we may receive compensation. There will be clear acknowledgement of that fact.
  • Second, the amount of money we may get paid will not affect whether or not we make a recommendation, or the order in which we display options to you as our user.
  • And finally, we will only make recommendations for products or services that we ourselves would use or recommend to a close family member or friend. What we display in the app has to pass that integrity test.

We care deeply about building a trusted relationship with our entire community. To provide feedback or suggestions on products or services listed through Empower, please contact us at support@empower.me.

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