Are you ready to start using your new Empower accounts? It's easy to fund them.

  • From within the app: First connect the external bank account you’d like to fund from. Once it’s connected, go to your app's Banking tab > click on "TRANSFER" > and choose which account you'd like to transfer from and to.
  • From your outside bank's website/app: If your external account does not appear in the list of those eligible for a transfer using our app, you can always go to your bank’s website / branch / app to initiate the transfer. Provide your Empower account and routing numbers, which you can find by tapping on "MORE" in either your CHECKING or SAVINGS view. One advantage of making the transfer this way is your oustide bank may have higher limits than what's offered by Empower.
  • From your paycheck: It's easy to set up a direct deposit into your new Empower account. In either your CHECKING or SAVINGS acounts view (depending on where you want your paycheck to go), tap on "MORE" > then "Deposit paycheck" > and go through the set-up flow.
  • From your PayPal or Square Cash / Cash App: Use these apps to fund your Empower account by linking your Empower bank account. To find your account and routing numbers, tap on "MORE" in either your CHECKING or SAVINGS view. The bank name should appears as "Evolve Bank and Trust."
  • Via wire transfer: Wire money into your Empower accounts from another U.S. bank (domestic only) by providing the details below.                                                  Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
    Bank Address: 6070 Poplar Avenue, Suite 100, Memphis, Tennessee 38119
    Bank Phone: (901) 624-2555
    Routing Number: 084106768
    Account Number: (found within your app by tapping on "MORE")

Generally external transfers take anywhere from 1-4 business days to complete. Transfers between your Empower accounts are immediate.

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