It’s really simple to start using your Empower accounts, and only takes a couple of minutes! There are a multitude of ways to get money into your Empower banking accounts!:

  • In your app, connect the external bank account that you’d like to fund with. Once it’s connected, use the transfer feature to send money to your Empower accounts. You can do this by going to the “Banking” tab in your app > choosing either your Empower “CHECKING” or “SAVINGS” account > and clicking on the orange “TRANSFER” button for that account.
  • You can go to your bank’s website / branch / app to initiate a transfer into your Empower banking account, using the Account & Routing numbers associated with your Empower accounts, which you can find within the app. Your bank may have higher limits than the ones posted above.
  • Use apps like PayPal and Square Cash. Similar to the above, you can utilize these apps to transfer money into your Empower accounts using your card and account information. (Note: If you currently have 2-factor authentication enabled on PayPal, you may need to send money directly from PayPal's website instead)
  • Deposit cash through one of our in-network ATMs that accept deposits. You can search for an ATM near you from within the app (iOS users)! Or, simply go to this website
  • Setup a direct deposit
  • Wire money into your Empower accounts from another US Bank (Domestic only) through a Wire Transfer (see details below)                                                           Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
    Bank Address: 6070 Poplar Avenue, Suite 100, Memphis, Tennessee 38119
    Bank Phone: 901.624.2555
    User's Name:
    Routing Number 084 106 768
    Account Number: (found within the Empower app)

Generally external transfers take anywhere from 1-3 business days to complete, depending on your external bank. Empower to Empower account in-app transfers are immediate.

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